PBA 01 Floret cup | Flower- shaped cardboard baking cup

Flower -shaped baking cup in pure cellulose cardboard, with brown exterior and white interior with pet film.


The PBA FIORE 01/S single-dose baking cup is made of brown cardboard in the shape of a flower for the production of automatic lines. The pure cellulose cardboard is resistant to food fats and can withstand both freezing and cooking in the oven up to 220°C. This baking mold is recyclable and biodegradable and, thanks to its particular self-supporting structure, does not need to be inserted into preformed metal molds.


  • Shape: Special

  • Bottom diameter: 44 mm

  • Mouth diameter: 60 mm

  • Height: 32 mm

  • Volume of product to be made: 45 g

  • Material: Cardboard

  • Material features: Grease and oil resistant

  • Resistance to heat: 180°C-220°C

  • Recommended uses: Cupcakes, Muffins

  • Main color: Brown

  • Outer print: Brown

  • Inner color: White

  • Type of border: Without border

  • Position: Free-standing

  • Type of portion: Single portion

  • Disposal: Recyclable, Biodegradable

  • Customization: Yes




Contact: Kevin

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E-mail: info@bakingcup.com

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